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Grace Beverley is one very impressive woman. Starting her Instagram page as a diary to document her fitness journey, she now has a combined social-media following of over 950k and her own fitness guide popular with women all over the world. Not only did she build ‘that body’, she built a business empire too. Oh and did I mention she has managed all this at just 21 years old whilst she juggles her studies as an Oxford University student? The girl certainly has her head screwed on.

But it isn’t just her God-given assets or her entrepreneurial fire we should be impressed by, it is her ethos that gets us girl-crushing. Because unlike most fitness models, Grace is, you know, real. In a society where women are constantly pressured to be beach-ready all the time, Grace is a comforting friend and a voice of reason. She values the core principles of eating healthily and exercising to achieve your fitness goals, and yet she preaches the importance of balance. Rather than fad diets and punishing work-outs Grace listens to her body, and her honesty about this is why we love her. She is the first to admit she’s developing a ‘revision roll’ or that she’s been indulging in something deep-fried and delicious - because moderation is key. Wellbeing is a mental thing too afterall, and she really does ‘healthy’ in the healthiest way.


Her advocacy of eating for the soul is the reason we love Grace the most. And its not just about treating yourself while you treat your health for Grace, its about being ethically aware too – which obviously scores major brownie points with us. She’s been living the plant-based life for 7 months now and is living proof that vegans can build muscle. She also talks a lot about plant-based living on her vlog - our favourite is her review of cruelty-free makeup which you can watch here.

So, how did she handle the VNS quick-fire quiz? Seeing as she’s absolutely hilarious on social media (just read her responses to trolls on her Instagram page – yes even girls like Grace have trolls), our hopes were pretty high. She didn’t disappoint...

  • Name: Grace Beverley
  • The words I live by are: "The time is going to pass anyway, you might as well make it count!"
  • What is your reason for choosing vegan? The animals and the environment.

On life and being vegan

The most annoying thing non-vegans ask/say is:

“I’d love to but I just couldn’t give up meat!”

If you were an animal what would you be:

A puppy

If a movie was made of your life who would play you?

I’d love someone like Margot Robbie but probably more Amy Schumer…

My worst habit is:

Never being able to do nothing

My guiltiest pleasure is:

Melted cheese!

The first app I open on my phone in the morning is:

Emails, WhatsApp or maybe Twitter!

My favourite Instagram page is:

Any meme page, I love ridiculous memes

What is at the top of your bucket list?

Staying in one of those rooms on stilts in somewhere like the Maldives!

I’m always likely to be early/late:


If you could scale any animal down to the size of a cat what would it be?

Probably a panda, so so cute!

The most ridiculous fact I know is:

Whales that sing the wrong notes get lost and live alone :(

Something my followers don’t know about me is:

Nothing hahaha I’m very open!

On Food...

My favourite vegan food is:

Either junk food like from temple of seitan or a macro bowl filled with healthy wholesome foods. There is no in between.

And the food I wish was vegan is:

Domino’s pizza

The one food I hate is:

Celery and CORIANDER

My top three fridge essentials are:

Almond milk, pesto and violife cheese – which you can buy from the VNS, shop the range here

If you could only eat breakfast, lunch or dinner for the rest of your life which would you choose?

Dinner! More courses haha

My signature dish is

Pesto pasta

And my favourite mid-week meal

Pesto pasta…

On Fitness…

How often do you exercise?

Completely depends! Anything from 1 to 5 times a week I’d say

You’re vegging on the sofa. What’s your motivation to get up and active

I have too much to do

Your best personal best? (what are you proudest to have achieved so far) I

I absolutely loved the end product of my resistance bands – they took months and months to create and make completely vegan and I’m so glad I made them! – they’re sold out at the moment but keep an eye on Grace’s website here for when they’re back in stock.

Best piece of advice for other fitness friends?

Fitness is not everything!

Who is your fitspiration?

Natacha Oceane – check out here 

My essential item in the gym is:

My resistance bands

My favourite work out/ muscle group to work out is:


My go-to track to get me pumped is:

Anything heavy hiphop!

Favourite item of gym wear is:

White trainers

My gym-pet peeve is:


Would you rather:

Live one 1000-year life or ten 100-year lives?

Ten 100 year lives

Grace, we think you’re lovely. On behalf of womankind thank you for teaching us its great to look hella fine in a bikini – but that you shouldn’t be a slave to the gym. You are a credit to the V-gang. Check out Grace’s Instagram here, and her YouTube channel here. You can also sign up for the GraceFit Guide here.



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